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Silmas project

The Alpine lakes network

SILMAS (for Sustainable Instruments for Lakes Management in the Alpine Space) is a European project on the Alpine lakes, financed by the European Territorial Cooperation Alpine Space Programme 2007-2013. It began on 1 September 2009 and will end on 31 August 2012.

The programme covers 18 lakes in Germany, Slovenia, France, Austria and Italy. The lakes vary widely: the largest of them, Lake Constance in Germany, has a surface area of 536 sq. km, whereas the smallest, Lake Bohinj in Slovenia, measures 3.3 sq. km!
Despite their diversity, the lakes are all part of the Alpine arc and, as such, face similar issues.

The purpose of this project is to facilitate dialogue between the different institutions involved in managing Alpine lakes.

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Over a three-year period, scientists, academics and technicians from the public authorities in charge of managing the lakes will pool their knowledge, with a particular focus on three main areas:

  • 3. Educating the public in sustainable development as it relates to the Alpine lakes